KOL-marketing insights

China’s Internet market is booming and with user numbers increasing. Last year, approximately 59 percent of the population were Internet users in China; meaning 820 million out of a population of 1.39 billion. Herunder, 27 percent of internet users are rural users, showing an increase of 1 percent compared to 2017. There is also an increase of 4.9 percent of urban users, along with an increase of 3.8 percent of national users compared to 2017. 

An increasing trend in this landscape has been the rise of the 'KOL influencers'. KOL stands for Key Opinion Leader, and the market for KOLs is estimated to be 100 billion RMB last year. KOLs with more than 100,000 followers increased by 51 percent, and those with more than 1 million increased by 23 percent. The overall amount of followers on Weibo increased by 25 percent, equaling up to about 600 million.

Services & Contacts:

LuConsulting has close collaboration contacts with 50+ KOLS, the majority of them being micro-influencers with <40 thousand followers.

These comprise 1) Food bloggers 2) Lifestyle advocates 3) Beauty gurus 4) Travel enthusiasts 5) Housewife gurus 6) Fashion bloggers 7) Travel bloggers 

KOL-marketing can effectively be utilised as part of your company's marketing strategy to raise awareness of your brand and product as well as directly selling and making your products available to Chinese consumers.

The goal of tapping into micro-influencers is the smaller demand for these KOLs, and a larger willingness to collaborate with non-mainstream brands.