The new material industry is identified as the precursor for the development of the material industry, and an important strategic emerging industry. In 2012 the Chinese government revealed an ambitious plan to increase the output of advanced new materials by 25 percent annually to 2 trillion yuan ($313 billion) by 2015. The new material industry is expected to be one of the leading industries in China by 2020 as the country plans to beef up investment and offer tax incentives to pursue a more technology-driven and low-carbon growth.

However, China’s new material industry, compared with the developed countries, still has a big gap and the industry faces some problems to be solved urgently. The main problems are: weak self-development capability on the new materials; less motivation on innovation in the large material companies; insufficient support capacities on the critical new materials; the disconnection among production, study, research and application; short industrial chain; the difficulties in the new material promotions; faultiness in the industrial development model; lack of the overall planning and policy guidance in the new materials industry; small and scattered investment in research and development; and the weak basic management. (Emis Intelligence)

In the light of the challenges seen in Chinas new material industry, our team identifies good opportunities for Danish companies. With a broad network, we are able to help companies to obtain industry information and conduct partner searches in order to help companies to get a share of the high growth rates in the industry.