In pace with economic development, automobile sales in China have also experienced rapid growth; in 2009, China became the world's largest manufacturer and buyer of automobiles. Four years later in 2013, Chinese automobile sales broke the 20 million barrier, with total annual sales reaching 21.98 million units. As environmental and energy problems continue to increase worldwide, it is becoming ever more evident that automobiles, with their high rates of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, are in need of a major reform. Both last year and this year, large parts of the China continued to suffer from swathes of smog that have led to increasingly dangerous pollution levels. How to control and decrease carbon emissions is a major question for the country's future development, and energy vehicles is a major focal point of development. However, due to a variety of factors, China still lags behind other major automotive markets when it comes to this new breed of technology, and in response, the government has released a series of policies aimed at supporting and fostering development. (Emis Intelligence)

In light of these developments, we see huge opportunities for European companies on the Chinese market where there is a large demand for technical knowledge in the new energies automobile industry. With strong knowledge of the Chinese and European markets we have the capacity to assist in finding partnerships, and we can ensure the reliability of potential partners before matchmaking.