Healthcare and life sciences in China is in the midst of hyper growth. The industry has transformed itself from a loose grouping of inward looking domestic companies into an aggressive player with a global impact. Fuelled by the government’s ambitious healthcare targets and policy backing, domestic and multinational companies are enthusiastically positioning themselves as vital links in the global life science supply chain. As the pace and volume of activity picks up, enterprises are behaving in a more mature and far-sighted manner.

Healthcare & life sciences sub sectors are characterised by rapidly expanding sales in pharmaceuticals and medical devices and an evolving distribution system eager to reach remote markets and achieve economies of scale. More exciting developments are happening at the back end — research and development is undergoing systemic change due to greater collaboration between foreign and domestic entities, investors are making smarter choices and, most significantly, mergers and acquisitions, which were dipping, are set to enter a new period of growth. In this period of major change for the industry, we are helping organisations with health care production to go global. We ensure trustable relationship between Chinese suppliers and related partners across the globe. We ensure many different aspects of healthcare provision, including strategy for life science companies and regulatory compliance. We are also supporting the public sector in the delivery of healthcare.